Get your meals fast and fresh with Simple Grill.

How Does The Meal Plan Work? 

It’s very simple. Select the meal plan to suit your needs and goals. 4, 5, and 6 days per week. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner or check out the mixed option where you can get breakfast & lunch or just dinner if you’d like. Place an order for the meal program you’ve chosen. Orders must be place weekly before 6:00 pm Thursday for Monday morning enjoyment. You can also order multiple weeks in advance for a sweet discount. There are no contracts and you can start and stop weeks at will. There is no lock in or pressure. 

Delivey Made Simple !

We can deliver to your home or workplace in the greater northern Virginia area. The delivery days are Monday, Wednesday & Friday early morning so you can have the freshest foods ready to go for the day. Each delivery will contain 2 days meals.


The 1st delivery and drop off is Monday 2nd is Wednesday and 3rd is Friday. For holidays the weekly menu will reflect what days food will be made and delivered. No work Mondays will push to Tuesday and Thursday. If the weather is bad, we will notify you of delivery the day/night before.


Delivery cost is $10 per week additionally. Deliveries will be made in the wee hours of the morning, 12 am – 5am. (M, W, F)  We urge you to refrigerate your meals as soon as possible to keep the freshness. 

How It's Made

Simple, eat real food!


Simple healthy food prepared by a experienced professional executive chef. The menu items include delicious, healthy, low calorie meals prepared by Executive Chef Edward Mays who has 15 plus years of experience.


We prepare real foods, breakfast, lunch and dinner. No added sugars, low sodium, no additives or preservatives. Nothing weird here, no overly complex transformations of food. The chicken will taste like chicken. Herbs and seasonings are chosen in there most basic form.  We bring you the food you know. Whole grains, vegetables, lean meats, fish and fruits. Three sizes to choose from to fit your lifestyle.


Fresh Ingredients and Herbs
Fresh Local Produce

Relax & Enjoy!

Your meals are packaged in microwave safe containers for your convenience. The label on each lid will have your heat or eat instructions. Keep it simple, salads don’t get microwaved. Some wraps are good to eat cold or room temperature. We do not recommend freezing. Please enjoy your meals fresh and chow down by the date printed on the label. Save time, what will you do now that you don’t have to cook or run out to eat?