After years of working as a chef in restaurants across the DC, MD, and VA area an idea was born. Simple Grill began with the need to deliver healthy food to a client who was coming back from a leg injury. I was also rehabbing a broken tibia plateau, so she and I both ate the same foods during our recovery. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. About two months later, while delivering the last of her meals for the week, I was met at the door by Mrs. Recine. We stood and talked for about 30 minutes and she raved about the food. She also suggested that Simple Grill's diet and light exercise kept her in good health. She was finishing physical therapy and in great shape. Her injury didn’t slow her down and she also lost 10lbs during the recovery. She continued to work out and made a total comeback from her injury. This inspired me and soon after I was cooking for group work out challenges and athletes training for the NFL combine.