How It Works

Will I be locked in? No, you can choose to go weekly or multiple weeks. It’s up to you. We offer one time weekly ordering or multiply weeks.


Can I place separate orders of different people? Yes, you can pick multiple plans for each person. All plans are for one person and each person will be managed separately but under one order.


Hey, can I cancel my order? Yes we can! Please give 24 hour notice prior to the delivery day that you need canceled and we will reschedule or push it back. Please email eatsimplegrill@gmail.com or call.


Can I pause or stop my multiple week order? Sure, send an email and details to eatsimplegrill@gmail.com.


Can I change my plan mid-week? Yes, for multiple weeks depending on where we are in the week. The cut-off day to change is Monday 6:00 pm. Email us of the change and we will switch you over to whatever plan you choose on the next delivery day. We are flexible. Any changes made after Monday 6:00pm will take place the next Monday.

Please feel free to give us your feedback, comments and questions at eatsimplegrill@gmail.com.


What is the order cut-off for the week? Please place your order by 6:00 pm Thursday for Monday morning delivery or pick-up for the full week of your plan.

If you miss the deadline, you can choose to place your order and receive your plan starting on the Wednesday delivery or pick-up day.

If you want to start mid-week, please email eatsimplegrill@gmail.com or call, we may be able to squeeze you in however you must pay in full. We are flexible and willing to expedite your order.  All mid-week starts are decided on a case by case basis.


Is this some kind of weight loss thing? No, well it can be if you’d like. We want you to enjoy the ease, comfort and wellbeing of eating real foods. We have declared war against the junk foods. We can help you reach whatever goal you have. Loose or gain weight, if you have a certain need, please call us and we can help you get the maximum results.

Get Delivery / Schedule

Where is the Pick-Up location? We can deliver your meals to your home or business only. At the present time we are working with personal fitness & wellness trainers and deliver to the gym where they give their services.  


What are your Delivery Days?  Delivery days are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  The calender will reflect any changes and you will get advanced notification.


How much $$? Delivery is $10.00 per week. 


When do I get my order? Home deliveries are typically made before 5 o’clock am so you will have you food in the morning.


How is my order delivered?  For the home delivery you will receive 2 days of meals depending on your plan. Then it is brought to your home in a reusable cooler bag with ice packs. (Lost or unreturned cooler bags will receive a $40 charge).  Inside the cooler bags you’ll find your delicious meals, each day in a separate plastic bag with name and label. Take your food out and refrigerate as quick as you can. Cheers! 


What should I do with the cooler bags and ice packs? We will switch the empty bag with your new delivery. Please set the bag out with ice packs the night before the next delivery day, Sunday night, Tuesday night, and Thursday night. 

If you forget, don't worry we will remind you to help you keep track of the bags. Remember that we want you to enjoy your experience with us.


*Gated, Guard, Special Delivery instructions.  We need access to deliver your order, please let us know all the instructions to get the meals to you. Access numbers, front or back door, side entrance, guard’s names, telephone numbers, access fobs, dwelling description, guard dogs, every bit of information helps.


My food is missing? In the event that your food was taken, swiped, lost, just not there please call us to let us know. Simple Grill is not responsible for orders that are not picked up and cannot issue refunds for the order. We can credit you, or replace it.


What about holidays? There will be no food on the major holidays, unless you want. Call or email if you do. Otherwise there will be no food for that day. No work Mondays will get pushed to Tuesday. We will update the calendar and delivery schedule with advance notice to maximize your satisfaction.


Yikes the weather is bad what am I to do? If the weather is bad we will contact you to adjust the delivery/pick-up schedule via email. Most likely we will deliver the next day.  We will do our very best to brave the harshest seasonal conditions to deliver. 

The Food

Is the food Fresh or Frozen? Our meals are made from fresh seasonal ingredients first then fresh restaurant quality ingredients. We source from a verity of local farmers markets, farms, dairies and restaurant suppliers. We deliver fresh cooked meals cold not frozen. We don’t recommend you freeze any meals for a later day. Please refrigerate your meals as quickly as you can. The labels have the date made and the last date you should consume the meals.


How is the food delivered? We use a myriad of different food grade containers. Small to large circle, rectangle and split containers which are microwave friendly for you convenience. We urge you to recycle the containers, keep some for your own use or return washed containers back to us and we will recycle them.


What sizes are the meals? We offer 3 sizes.  The Small and the Large are the most popular sizes for weight loss each meal averaging the total calories and weight of food per day. Choose based on your desired goals. 










Is the meal plan for 1 person or more? Yes one person, you can pick multiple plans for each person. All plans are for one person and each person will be managed separately but under one order.


Can I have nutrient and ingredient information? Check out our protein and calorie chart. These should help you gauge it. We will update and add information regularly. Remember we only use simple real foods so there shouldn’t be any confusion about ingredients. For other items like sauces and dressings we will update all the nutritional facts and use the purest and simplest item.


Wait I’m still hungry, what should I do? Everyone is different, but if you’re hungry or not you should eat the meals. The meals are planned to give you the nutrients needed for energy.  If you’re still hungry drink plenty of water, stay hydrated. Usually about 14 – 21 days of transition your body will get on schedule. We can send 100 calorie snack packs, or up the veggies to your meals to help manage.


What if I am allergic to a certain food? If you have allergies, please let us know when you place your order. We will contact you to discuss what we can do to. We can make accommodation for different food allergies. We are Halal & Kosher friendly which means no shell fish, pork, insects and the like.


Is there any vegetarian options? We can remove the meats from your meals and replace with grain proteins and other alternatives. Most of our meals can easily loose the meat and remain tasty while adding other fresh vegetables.