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By purchasing from EATSIMPLEGRILL®, you agree to abide by and be subject to these terms and conditions and the other policies of EATSIMPLEGRILL.

Our Guarantee


Our food is prepared in a certified, licensed, sanitary, professional kitchen. We prepare your meals fresh and deliver/ship them to your home in sealed, microwavable, BPA-free containers. We guarantee that your meals will stay fresh through shipping for the whole schedule (i.e., 3 days after the normal delivery date printed on the label), provided you follow our simple handling instructions once your meals are delivered. If any of our products do not remain fresh with proper handling during the guaranteed freshness period, please contact one of our customer service representatives.


Placing Your Order


Orders may be placed online at www.EATSIMPLEGRILL.com or via phone at 571-294-7923. As our meals are prepared to order and made from scratch daily, all orders are due on Thursday, the week prior to the desired Monday delivery date (4 days before the delivery date).  All orders must be paid in full prior to the weekly order deadline.  Please check all order and delivery information carefully when placing your order and on your order confirmation.  Notify customer service immediately if there is an error.  Multiple orders placed in a single purchase transaction shall be considered a single purchase for shipping purposes, and each person will be managed separately but under one purchase. Orders have different shipping addresses or multiple delivery dates, in which case, each such order's delivery address and/or date shall be considered a separate order for shipping purposes.  We are not responsible for errors in orders due to your profile selections, settings or delivery instructions (e.g., name misspellings, incorrect or incomplete address information, lack of phone number), or changes made to your profile after the weekly order deadline has passed.  Changes to preference and allergen information in profiles (both main and sub-profiles) will be applied only to future delivery weeks (i.e., for future weekly order cutoff dates); changes made after the weekly order deadline will not be reflected in the current week’s deliveries. General account profile preferences or allergens do not apply to A La Carte orders. Changes to shipping addresses in profiles (both main and sub-profiles), will be applied to future orders when they are purchased and will not be automatically applied to previously placed orders.  To change the shipping address for a previously placed order, please contact Customer Service.


Cancellations/Order Changes


You may cancel or change an order for a future (non-current) delivery date at any time up until Thursday, 6:00pm ET the week prior to the delivery date (i.e., 4 days before the scheduled delivery date). As we purchase the ingredients and prepare the meals especially for your order from scratch each week, cancellations and order changes are not permitted for current delivery date orders (i.e., made after Thursday the week prior, within 4 days of the scheduled delivery date). All cancellation requests must be made in writing by emailing us at eatsimplegrill.com.

If you place an order for a multi-week plan or place an order using a promotional price discount or offer, and you receive any of the meals from such order, and then you subsequently cancel your order for the remaining future (non-current) delivery dates, you shall be charged the standard undiscounted weekly price for the plan or meals and other items delivered (including any for the current delivery date), and you shall be credited/refunded the balance remaining. For example, if you purchase a 8-week plan using a promotional discount, and after 4 weeks cancel your order for the remaining future (non-current) delivery dates, you would be charged for 4, 1-week plans at the standard 1-week plan price, and you would be credited/refunded the balance remaining. 




Except as otherwise described herein, any and all refunds or partial refunds will be issued as a credit to your EATSIMPLEGRILL account to be used for future purchases.  For cancellations only, you may elect to receive your net refund amount for your cancelled order on your payment card or via check instead of as a credit on your EATSIMPLEGRILL account, less a $25 charge for processing.




We are not responsible for any damage or errors made by the overnight delivery service and/or acts of nature.  However, we will work with you to resolve your claims or disputes with the overnight delivery service due to damaged meals, undelivered packages, acts of nature, or any negligence on the part of the delivery service.  Please note that the overnight delivery service will leave your package at the residential delivery address if you are not home, with no signature required.  Deliveries to business addresses require special shipping instructions and a signature is not required; please contact customer service for any delivery requests to business addresses.  All meals will be delivered Sunday & Wednesday over night. In the event of local delivery, our driver will deliver your fresh meals on either Sunday & Wednesday (your choice) between the hours of 8:00 PM and 6:00 AM.  If you are not home, your meals will be left by your front door (unless otherwise instructed) in an insulated cooler bag with ice packs.  Please contact customer service to provide any special delivery instructions.  It is your responsibility to secure your pets.  If you live in a gated community, you are responsible for giving us your gate code, or notifying the guard station so our delivery driver may access the community.  In the event our driver is prevented from completing a delivery due to unsecured pets or inability to access a gated community, you may either request that our driver make a second delivery attempt. Please set all ice packs and the insulated bag out for collection before your next scheduled delivery. If we are unable to collect or retrieve Insulated Bags and / or Ice Pack you will be charged a minimum of $20 dollars for each set Insulated Bag & Ice Pack combination. We reserve the right to charge additional delivery fees for second delivery attempts and for deliveries with consistent issues.


Gift Certificates/Promotional Code


Unless otherwise specified, gift certificates and promo codes may be applied to any purchase of products offered by EATSIMPLEGRILL at the time of redemption. They may not be combined with other discounts and promotions.  Gift certificates may not be redeemed for cash and all purchases are final/non-refundable.




EATSIMPLEGRILL recognizes that certain foods may cause allergic reactions in some people.  Your safety is important to us.  It is your responsibility to make sure you have communicated your account preferences clearly for Meal Programs and checked for any food items on ALL menus that may cause allergic reactions.  While we check the ingredients in all dishes for common allergens and post allergen alerts next to the entrees where appropriate, we prepare our meals in a kitchen that also prepares meals that contain potential allergens.  In addition, traces of potential allergens may be found in the ingredients and other food items received from our suppliers.  If you have a life-threatening allergy, please refrain from ordering from EATSIMPLEGRILL. Our facility is not certified to be free from wheat, gluten, dairy, soy, shellfish, nuts or other potential allergens.




We use all reasonable efforts to use only organic, free-range and wild-caught ingredients, EATSIMPLEGRILL meals are not, and we do not claim to be, entirely organic.  In the event we are not able to source or use an organic ingredient, we will use reasonable efforts to use all-natural ingredients as a substitute.  The meals, nutritional suggestions, dietary programs and other products and services offered by EATSIMPLEGRILL are not intended to be medical advice. They are not offered or intended to treat, mitigate or cure any type of disease, sickness or weight problem, or to replace vitamins, pre/post-natal supplements, medications, or nutritional recommendations provided to you by your medical provider.  EATSIMPLEGRILL's products, services, nutritional suggestions and programs should not be used as a substitute for sound medical advice.  EATSIMPLEGRILL shall not be responsible or otherwise liable under any circumstances for any illness or health problem that may result from the consumption of its prepared foods, meals or other products. Consult your healthcare provider before taking nutritional supplements or beginning any diet or exercise program.  The information on this website is to be used for informational purposes only.




We will not deliver outside of the Northern Virginia Metro Area unless arrangements have been made through face to face contact and a contract to deliver has been made, agreed and paid for in advance. 

We will not ship food via any commerical parcel service.

 Any attempts to defraud, steal, misuse or commit any fraud will be reported to the proper authorities.